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Has it been a few years since you played in your old high school band or orchestra? Maybe more than a few years?

Now that the kids are grown or your career is winding down, have you been getting the urge to play again? Or maybe you have always dreamed of playing an instrument in a musical group but never had the chance?

Well, here's the perfect opportunity!

Join the Grand River New Horizons Band in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, a group of amateur musicians who get together every week to learn and make music together and have fun in the process. So get your old flute or trumpet out of the attic and come on out. If you don't have an instrument, don't worry. Just bring yourself and we'll help get you started. You can also join a smaller ensemble or form one of your own; maybe a brass quintet or woodwind ensemble. The possibilities are all here. Check our Upcoming Events page to view the many places and events where we present our music.

There are no age restrictions to join, although the majority of members are in the 50 to 80 years range. If you can call yourself an adult without laughing, you qualify!

In addition to the CONCERT BAND that meets every Tuesday morning,
SWING/JAZZ BAND practices every other Thursday morning. We're learning to play some great charts!! (see details)

EASY BAND meets Friday mornings. (see details) If you haven't played for a LONG time or want to learn a second instrument, Friday mornings are perfect for you!
Do you have unanswered questions? Click on the "Send Email" graphic and we will make sure you get the answers.