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Why did you join New Horizons and how have you found the experience so far?


"I wanted to relearn trombone for years.
I heard about Grand River New Horizons just as I retired.
The experience has been wonderful! I especially like the gigs.
They are a 'hoot', or should I say 'toot'."


"Soon after hearing of the start-up of Grand River New Horizons Music,
I was visiting grandchildren who are deeply involved with a number of
musical instruments and activities.
The thought occurred to me that I might attempt to revive old skills
that I hadn't used for over fifty years, and have some fun doing so.
Making music with the group has been stimulating and enjoyable."

Mary Jane

"My big sister made me! She knew I would enjoy playing again and I have! It's a great group."


"I joined the group for health reasons because I had heard that playing music improves health. I started playing the oboe last year but decided to switch to percussion this year.
It's a challenge but I'm enjoying it immensely."


"I always wanted to make music and N.H. Band has enabled me.
Fantastic Experience/Great People/Great Leadership/Great Music"

french horn

"To have fun and more opportunities to play. I've enjoyed it very much so far."